Philippine Standard Time

Tuesday 16th of July 2024

Space Science and Technology Proliferation in the Philippines through Nationwide University Partnerships

Researchers from the STAMINA4Space Program and PhilSA discussed how the STEP-UP Project of STAMINA4Space, funded by the DOST, was able to sustain the gains made by the PHL-Microsat Program–which built the foundations of space science and technology in the Philippines. The STEP-UP Project established a university consortium on SSTA that served as a platform for local and international collaborations for university-based space-related research. The Project expanded the pool of human resources necessary to ensure the growth of the country’s space initiatives by: (1) offering a graduate track on nanosatellite engineering; (2) the development and set up of amateur radio and satellite stations in partner universities, and; (3) the continuous enhancement and offering of undergraduate courses and trainings on space engineering.

This paper was published in the Transactions of the Japan Society for Aeronautical and Space Sciences, Aerospace Technology Japan (Trans. JSASS Aerospace Tech. Japan) in 2021.