Philippine Standard Time

Monday 17th of June 2024


by Dominic Guaña, Arcy Layne Sace, Paul Leonard Atchong Hilario, Efren Gumayan, Gay Jane Perez

Research and development (R&D) for space science and technology applications (SSTA), specially for those directed towards outer space science, require large amount of resources, and high level of expertise. While... Read more

by Danna Ang, Michael Angelo Valete, Gay Jane Perez

Agricultural drought is a recurring problem in the Philippines, especially during El Niño year. In this study, the performance of satellite-based drought forecasts was assessed for the entire country to... Read more

by Danielle Camille Canillo, Toni Beth Lopez, Dominic Guaña, Paul Leonard Atchong Hilario, Manuel del Rosario, Jr., Gil Nonato Santos, Gay Jane Perez

Recently, debris from rocket launches, as well as re-entering debris from orbit has been falling into Philippine territory. We need to understand the physical and chemical properties of these debris,... Read more