The Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA) aims to create value in space by taking advantage of the space environment and by utilizing space data to bring services to the people. The PhilSA demonstrates this value creation through one of its flagship initiatives, the Build, Build, Build in Space (B3iS). The B3iS involves the development of an advanced satellite, leveraging from the country’s microsatellites, DIWATA-1 and -2, and advancing to the next generation satellite, the Multispectral Unit for Land Assessment Satellite or MULA. 

The MULA satellite will be the first commercial-grade satellite of the country capable of addressing several of our nation’s key challenges through satellite applications in disaster management, land use and land cover change mapping, crop monitoring, and forestry management. 

Having the ability to build our own satellite through the MULA development not only gives us complete ownership of the spacecraft and control in the use of our data, but it also grants us  the license to build more sovereign satellites and other related technologies. We envision this acquired skill and know-how to cascade onto our national economic landscape, opening up various opportunities for our workforce to contribute to the overall development of our local industries.

The PhilSA aims to promote and sustain a robust and thriving Philippine space ecosystem and envisions a nation bridged, uplifted, and empowered through the peaceful uses of outer space. We look forward to this very important milestone for the country.