Philippine Standard Time

Monday 15th of July 2024

Message from the Director General

I join our excellent and dynamic team in welcoming you to the website of the Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA). This platform serves as an invaluable window into our programs, activities and progress as we continue the journey of ushering Philippine society into the new space era. We welcome and value your feedback.

In recent years, the Philippines has taken significant steps in space science & technology and its applications (SSTA). A number of SSTA activities implemented as project-based initiatives have been initiated and continue to be pursued with the support of the Department of Science and Technology’s (DOST) Grants- in-Aid (GIA). Projects such as the Philippine Scientific Earth Observation Microsatellite Program (PHL- Microsat) and its successor, the Space Technology and Applications Mastery, Innovation and Advancement Program (STAMINA4Space) have led to the development, launch, operation and utilization of the country’s own small satellites for scientific Earth observation, DIWATA-1 launched in 2016, followed by DIWATA-2 in 2018 and MAYA-1, the country’s first nanosatellite, also launched in 2018. DIWATA and MAYA provide a blueprint that enable further innovation, expansion and localization of small satellites. These achievements have enabled the Philippines to join the ranks of countries that not only own and operate satellites, but have been able to build and develop them.

These satellite development activities are joined by complementary ground infrastructure and services, such as multi-mission satellite receiving stations of the Philippine Earth Data Resource Observation (PEDRO) Center as well as high performance computing (HPC) facilities for the processing, archiving and distribution of satellite images and other spaceborne data. There is also the Remote Sensing and Data Science Help Desk or DATOS, which develop automated workflows for the processing of satellite image data for a gamut of applications ranging from agriculture, disaster risk management to maritime domain awareness. These investments have equipped the Philippines with a capacity to create and add value from space, specifically through the generation, processing, dissemination and utilization of data obtained by satellites and space infrastructure.

The significance and value of these efforts confirm the need for a dedicated and specialized agency to champion a national space program. To this end, the Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology (PCIEERD) of the DOST commissioned and funded the National SPACE Development Program (NSDP), which helped set up the national space policy framework. On August 8, 2019, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte signed Republic Act No. 11363 or the “The Philippine Space Act”. Under this Act, the PhilSA is given the mandate plan, develop, and promote our national space program.

The PhilSA is therefore building on the foundational elements in technical capabilities, infrastructure, policies and people that have been and continue to be put in place. Our succeeding programs shall grow, expand and nurture these resources so they can yield further socio-economic benefits and impact for Filipinos.

The mobilization of the PhilSA is happening in the midst of combatting the public health and economic challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has made our venture more compelling and engrossing, yet humbling and fulfilling at the same time. A time of challenges also abounds with opportunities. We continue to reshape and enhance the responsiveness and relevance of our programs. Now more than ever, we endeavor to be more innovative, creative and resourceful in bringing space-based and space-enabled solutions to bear on the challenges facing the nation.

As we forge ahead, we are guided by our vision –

A Filipino nation bridged, uplifted and empowered through the peaceful uses of outer space;

and our mission –

To promote and sustain a robust Philippine space ecosystem that adds and creates value in space for and from Filipinos and for the world.

Maghangad, sumulong at maglunsad –
tungo sa Kalawakan.
Marami pa tayong maaabot.
Malayo pa ang ating mararating.


Director General

Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA)