Earth observation (EO) data are invaluable assets for various applications. These largely satellite-derived data can be used to evaluate and mitigate impacts occurring on both land and sea. The Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA) processes and distributes EO data to stakeholders to make informed decisions and aid in crafting sound policies.  

The Space Information Infrastructure Capacity Building and Training Program (SIICaP) will conduct its third webinar series called Space Data Mobilization, which aims to introduce practical uses of EO data. The three-part webinar series will discuss the activities and roles of PhilSA and other institutions related to these applications. Through this webinar, participants will get to appreciate the value of these satellite-derived data. 

The first session will tackle Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Applications. This consists of how PhilSA contributes data to different stakeholders in the country. The webinar will also show how Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) is used for earthquake and volcanic monitoring.  The second session will be on Environmental and Natural Resources Applications. This will include monitoring the country’s natural resources and air quality. The last session will discuss Agricultural applications. The topics include crop seasonal variation and yield estimation using Sentinel images. 

The webinars are free of charge. Register now through this link to receive invitations for all sessions. 

SIICaP is a project of PhilSA ISKUELA, or the Inclusive SSTA Know-how, Utilization, Exchange, and Localization Activities. ISKUELA envisions building an inclusive, sustainable, and capable local space science and technology community through knowledge transfer and capacity-building programs. 

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