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Saturday 25th of June 2022

Expanding CubeSat Research and Development Efforts in Philippine Universities Initiative (ECRADLE)


The “Expanding CubeSat Research and Development Efforts in Philippine Universities” Initiative, or ECRADLE, aims to promote the expansion of nanosatellite R&D activities in the academe, leveraging the momentum gained through efforts of the STEP-UP Project, STAMINA4Space Program of DOST and UP Diliman. Towards this goal, PhilSA shall play an initiatory leading role, providing a venue whereby Philippine universities collaborate, contribute / share innovative ideas and realize them, in a nanosatellite project. Specifically, this initiative pursues the following objectives:

  • To provide a platform that encourages and enables Philippine universities to participate in nanosatellite R&D activities
  • To foster and strengthen PhilSA-academe and inter-university nanosatellite R&D collaborations that facilitate that fruitful exchange of ideas
  • To transfer know-how on nanosatellite design and development to Philippine universities.

To achieve these objectives, ECRADLE will pursue the following strategic activities / actions within this year (2022):

  • Organize and deliver a CubeSat Design and Development Workshop for participants from Philippine universities
  • Organize a Mission Idea Contest (RMIC) - an open call & competition for universities to submit a proposal for an innovative bus / mission module for possible implementation / integration into the ACCESS Nanosat Project’s 2U CubeSat.
  • Provide best effort technical/information support on the BIRDS open source CubeSat bus
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