Philippine Standard Time

Tuesday 25th of June 2024

Senior Science Research Specialist

Salary Grade: 19
Item Numbers: PHILSAB-SRSRS-14-2020
Division: Space International Cooperation Division

Minimum Qualification Standards:

Education: Bachelor’s degree relevant to the job
Experience: 2 years of relevant experience
Training: 8 hours of relevant training
Eligibility: Career Service Professional / Second Level Eligibility

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • 1. Under the direction of the Division Chief (DC), ensure the proper conduct and
    implementation of all international cooperation with relevant national space
    agencies of other countries and international organizations;
  • 2. Assist the Supervising Science Research Specialist (SSRS) of the Space
    International Cooperation Division (SICD) in the coordination of entering into
    contracts, memoranda of understanding/ agreement or other arrangements in behalf
    of the State, in consultation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and/or other
    concerned agencies; and with the Legal Affairs Division of the Philippine Space
    Agency (PhilSA);
  • 3. Assist the SSRS in establishing and maintaining linkages with other national
    space-related agencies of other countries and international organizations in the
    peaceful use and development of space;
  • 4. Assist the SSRS in the research and analysis on topics that relate to Philippine
    space initiatives, programmes, projects, and activities, and prepare high-quality
    written materials including, research papers, statistical reports, briefings and notes
    that contribute to effective delivery of services of the Division;
  • 5. Liaise the SICD at relevant meetings, fora, and functions, and prepare reports on
    key outcomes, developments and issues on space and space-related technology
  • 6. Organize and manage meetings and similar activities that support the programmes
    and activities of the Division;
  • 7. Proactively monitor the current outer space affairs and space-related technology
    applications including institutional changes within the United Nation’s Office for
    Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and national space agencies of other countries, and
    advise the DC and SSRS of such changes and developments as they arise;
  • 8. Assist in the implementation of international programmes, projects, and activities;
  • 9. Prepare all communications relative to international cooperation activities of PhilSA,
    as required;
  • 10.Collaborate and guide junior staff of the Division and ensure all work requirements
    is prepared and submitted under Complete Staff Work (CSW);
  • 11. Perform other duties of a regular or special nature as may be assigned from time to

Applicants who have all or any of the following background are most welcome to


  • ● Demonstrated experience and proven skills in International Relations and
    Diplomacy, including research, coordination, and reporting;
  • ● Knowledge/ experience working with diplomatic missions in the Philippines,
    international organization or relevant Philippine government agencies;
  • ● Proven ability to undertake complex work under limited supervision;
  • ● Proven ability to work under time pressure and effectively able to communicate with
    the team, external partners and other stakeholders;
  • ● Demonstrated sound judgment and decision-making ability; and
  • ● High level analytical skills, including excellent communication skills (written and

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