Salary Grade: 16
Item Numbers: PHILSAB-SRAS2-22-2020
Division: Sciences Space Mission Studies Division (Geo and Hydrospheric Sciences Space Missions Section)

Minimum Qualification Standards:
Education: Bachelor’s degree relevant to the job
Experience: 1 year of relevant experience
Training: 4 hours of relevant training
Eligibility: Career Service Professional / Second Level Eligibility

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Under general supervision, develop algorithms for converting satellite data to
    atmospheric remote sensing products and applications;
  2. Generate plans and conduct the testing, calibration and field validation of derived
    atmospheric products as well as document the results and findings;
  3. Conduct research & development on topics related to Geospheric and Hydrospheric
    Sciences and disseminate the outputs in reputable publications and other applicable
  4. Prepare the technical specifications of goods and services for procurement;
  5. Perform administrative functions for the Division as may be required, such as but
    not limited to providing inputs to financial requirements, planning of activities,
    coordination with stakeholders among others;
  6. Attend seminars, symposia, and other structured gatherings related to advanced
    space S&T and other areas of concern related to development; and
  7. Perform other duties of a regular or special nature as may be assigned from time to

Applicants who have relevant background/experience will be preferred.

Educational Background:

Experience Background


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