Salary Grade: 24
Item Number: PHILSAB-PLO5-29-2020
Division: Planning and Project Management Division

Minimum Qualification Standards:

Education: Master’s degree or Certificate of Leadership and Management from the Civil Service Commission

Experience: 4 years of supervisory/management experience
Training: 40 hours of supervisory/management learning and development intervention
Eligibility: Career Service Professional / Second Level Eligibility

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Under direction, serve as the Division Chief of the Planning and Project
    Management Division;
  2. Spearhead the conduct of research on the project’s cost-benefit analysis, financial
    and commercial viability, as well as its consequent impact and contribution to the
    country’s economic development;
  3. Lead the development, coordination and monitoring of the integrated plans and the
    project management policies and practices of PhilSA for space science and
    technology applications (SSTA) development;
  4. Undertake comprehensive analysis of program plans of the Agency through relevant
    and appropriate output and outcome indicators in relation to the country’s economic
    development plans and to the international linkages of PhilSA;
  5. Coordinate the integration of plans from each of the Agency’s units in view of the
    consistency with the overall organizational plan and identify areas where such plans
    are inconsistent, incomplete or overlapping;
  6. Lead the preparation and review of research and development and technical project
    proposals by providing advice and technical expertise on planning and project
    management matters;
  7. Lead the provision of consolidated and centralized project management and
    planning support services to project teams over the project life cycle duration;
  8. Ensure adherence to internationally accepted planning and project management
    frameworks, principles, and models;
  9. Provide mechanisms for active participation, linkage and coordination at all levels
    within the Agency and with various stakeholder groups in the Agency’s planning and
    project management initiatives and/or thrusts;
  10. Develop solutions and spearhead the resolution of bottlenecks encountered in the
    implementation of the division’s roles and functions; and
  11. Perform other duties of a regular or special nature as may be assigned from time to

Applicants who have relevant background/experience will be preferred.

Educational Background:

Experience background:


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