Administrative Assistant III
Salary Grade: 9
Item Number: PHILSAB-ADAS3-14-2020
Division: Office of the Director for Space Policy and International Cooperation Bureau

Minimum Qualification Standards:
Education: Completion of two-year studies in college or high school graduate with relevant  vocational/trade course
Experience: 1 year of relevant experience
Training: 4 hours of relevant training
Eligibility: Relevant MC 11 s. 1996 or Career Service Sub-professional / First Level Eligibility

Duties and Responsibilities:

The Administrative Assistant III will support the SPICB Director and the Agency’s functions
by undertaking the following main responsibilities:
1. Facilitate the undertaking of Complete Staff Work (CSW) on matters requiring the attention
of the Director prior to submission;
2. Undertake the following Standard Administrative Assistance Tasks (SAAT):

3. Enhance and grow professional knowhow and linkages by attending educational
workshops, establishing personal networks, participating in professional societies, and
reviewing relevant publications, as applicable; and
4. Perform other duties of a regular or special nature as may be assigned from time to time.

Applicants who have all or any of the following backgrounds are preferred:
Educational background:
• A graduate of Legal Management, Business Administration and other similar courses.
Experience and training background:
a) With work experience as general office staff;
b) Knowledgeable and familiar with ISO 9001:2015 requirements; and
c) Organized and demonstrate strong written and oral communication skills.