Salary Grade: 24
Item Number: PHILSAB-CSRS-21-2020
Division: Space Education and Scholarships Division

Minimum Qualification Standards:

Education: Master’s degree or Certificate of Leadership and Management from the Civil Service Commission

Experience: 4 years of supervisory/management experience
Training: 40 hours of supervisory/management learning and development intervention
Eligibility: Career Service Professional / Second Level Eligibility

Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Under direction, serve as the Division Chief (DC) of the Space Education and
    Scholarships Division (SESD);
  2. Develop division policies and internal directives;
  3. Plan, lead, and manage the space education, science outreach, training programs,
    and other related projects and activities of the Agency;
  4.  Lead the development of scholarships, fellowships, and related programs that will
    support present and future space science and technology applications (SSTA)
    human resource requirements of a thriving space ecosystem;
  5. Spearhead STEM engagement and partnerships with academic, education, and
    research institutions that will create and strengthen valuable pipelines and feeder
    networks to secure the sustainability of SSTA programs;
  6. Initiate benchmarking and networking activities with international space education
    centers, organizations or institutions;
  7. Lead the division’s research in the development of space education, science
    outreach, training programs, and other related projects and activities of the Agency;
  8. Serve as the Division’s focal person for establishing relevant MOA/MOUs with
    various stakeholders in support of the Division’s programs and activities;
  9. Give special attention to maintenance of morale; discipline and the development of
    a highly motivated, cooperative, and well-coordinated workforce; and ensure
    harmony and collaborative pursuit of excellence among its team members;
  10. Ensure quality output of the Service or Bureau prior to the review and approval of
    the Director General (DG) and/or the upper management;
  11. Advise the DG and/or the upper management on matters concerning the Division;
  12. Perform other duties of a regular or special nature as may be assigned from time to

Applicants who have relevant background/experience will be preferred.

Educational Background:

Experience background:

Training Background:



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