Philippine Standard Time

Sunday 14th of April 2024

Adoption of OPTIKAL and PHL-50 Technologies (ADOPT)


The Adoption of OPTIKAL and PHL-50 Developed Technologies (ADOPT) Project aims to contribute to the SSTA research and development (R&D) capabilities of PhilSA by collaborating with two institutes from the University of the Philippines Diliman (UPD), which have been involved in SSTA activities in previous years. These are the Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (UPD-EEEI) and the National Institute of Physics (UPD-NIP).

With ADOPT, PhilSA is building upon past and current gains in space R&D investments in the Philippines from the PHL-Microsat and STAMINA4Space Programs, specifically the know-how acquired by UPD-NIP and UPD-EEEI in building satellite payloads and bus components. Transitioning the technologies, as well as the capabilities in hardware and software development and testing, into PhilSA will largely improve PhilSA’s capabilities in terms of satellite development. This can also become a seed project that can spur further collaborations between PhilSA and UPD, such as UPD-PhilSA co-managed facilities, where PhilSA personnel can freely access the university laboratories while working on space technologies development, as well as receive training from the university, taking advantage of the expertise developed in the university. At the same time, the universities can actively participate in development activities of PhilSA, providing more value to knowledge developed in the universities.

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