Philippine Standard Time

Friday 1st of December 2023


by Arcy Layne Sace, Paul Leonard Atchong Hilario, Dominic Guaña

Radial Acceleration Relation is the relationship between the total, and baryonic acceleration of a galaxy. The total acceleration is observed, while the baryonic acceleration is inferred through Modified Newtonian Dynamics... Read more

by Toni Beth Lopez, Alvie Asuncion-Astronomo, Gil Nonato Santos, Christopher Que, Dominic Guaña, Paul Leonard Atchong Hilario

In this investigation, we explored the viability of a composite material consisting of cerium and bismuth oxides within a polymer matrix for radiation shielding applications. We assessed critical radiation shielding... Read more

by Michael Angelo Valete, Danna Ang, Archie Veloria, Gay Jane Perez

The Philippines is vulnerable to the impacts drought, which resulted to millions of dollars of damages in crops and livestock. In this study, a combined drought index (CDI) was developed... Read more